COMET'S Tail Pepper



Javanese Comet's Tail or "kemukas" as it is known locally is a wonderful rarity among the world of pepper. Known to the West since medieval times as Piper cubeba or Cubebs, this pepper has a wonderful fresh aroma of pine and lemons. On the tongue, Comet's Tails exhibit a distinctly cooling menthol feeling offset by the peppery heat and a bright citrus-like sweetness.

Traditionally, Comet's Tails were used in a variety of curries and ground spice mixtures for darker meats such as duck, pigeon and beef. On a different note all together, Javanese claim the Comet's Tail has extraordinary powers as an aphrodisiac... In modern cuisine, Comet's Tails work wonderfully with all manners of foods; from lamb, duck, fish and shellfish to sweet, slightly acidic desserts such as citrus sorbets. It is even at home ground lightly over a slice of fresh foie gras.

Available in:
- 90cc (30g.) 100% recycled glass containers
- 500 g bags
- 17 kg bags

 Comet's Tails Pepper - Java, Indonesia